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Natural gas is the most environmentally friendly fuel available. Whatís best for us and our climate is when it is used directly for heating, water heating, cooking and drying. Using natural gas directly saves energy and lowers carbon emissions.A picture of a gas burning stove.
For example, a natural gas tank-type water heater uses about 29% less energy than an electric water heater. And, a natural gas water heater emits about 2,856 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually versus electric water heating which emits about 6,509 pounds of CO2. Yes, a gas water heater emits 2.3 times less CO2 than an electric water heater.

In addition, gas water heaters provide more hot water in the first hour and heat water at least twice as fast. Natural gas tankless water heaters and condensing water heaters are the most energy efficient water heaters available plus provide the most hot water for the lowest operating cost.

Similarly, high-efficiency natural gas furnaces use less energy and emit fewer pounds of CO2 than heat pumps. However, the main reason homeowners prefer a natural gas furnace is the superior comfort of warm air coming out of the registers. Natural gas furnaces provide heat so quickly that you can set back your thermostat very low at night or while you are away and then heat up your home quickly when you want. A set-back strategy saves energy and lowers operating costs. If you own a heat pump, a set-back strategy is not recommended because that would actually waste energy.

Natural gas ranges, cook tops and ovens also use less energy and produce less CO2. With natural gas, you receive superior temperature control and natural convection. Thatís why natural gas for cooking is the choice of professional chefs.

Another gas appliance whose efficiency is often forgotten is the clothes dryer. Because natural gas dryers dry faster for less they are the primary choice of those who do a lot of laundry (hotels, hospitals, and laundromats). In addition to being more productive and profitable for the companies, these businesses also help our environment by using natural gas. Natural gas dryers use nearly two times less energy than electric dryers and emit nearly two times less CO2. If commercial businesses choose natural gas, donít you think you should too?

So, if natural gas appliances outperform electric appliances, save energy, and are more environmentally friendly, why would you buy anything else? Using natural gas directly is better for you and the environment. So, itís an easy choice.

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